The whole “I dont hate gays I just dont agree with their lifestyle” seems silly to me like what do you mean agree with it, it has nothing to do with you. What lifestyle? What different life are they living? Do they ride to school/work on a zebra’s back? Do you think gays are skydiving into volcanoes or something? Wtf you talkin bout?



Real Christians aren’t assholes



I want a girl who I can bring home to my mom to make her say damn now I understand why your a lesbian


I’m here for all the queer kids who are too afraid to come out to their family and probably never will im here for the queer adults who still pretend to be straight when talking to relatives or parents and I’m 100% here for the queer people who cut ties with their family because you’re not obligated to come out to people you don’t want to nor are you obligated to stay in contact with people who are toxic and queer phobic in any way

Lesbian problems



  • Are you looking me up and down because you’re judging me or are you checking me out?
  • Are you smiling at me because you’re being friendly or because you’re into me?
  • Did you call me babe because that’s just what you call people or do you want to date me?

Especially the First one!!!